-Contains 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries 

– Is the highest plant-based source of iron 

– Magnesium rich for a healthy heart & brain 

– Contains more calcium than cow’s milk by weight 

– Raw cacao contains more theobromine than processed and heat treated cocoa (Dutched cocoa) 

– Theobromine is known as a natural mood elevator with antidepressant properties. 


– Mineral rich 

– Contains twice the iron, four times the magnesium and over 10 times the zinc than regular processed sugar 

– Contains raw antioxidants 

– Low GI 

– Not highly processed like regular sugar or high fructose corn syrup 

– Natural, made from the evaporated nectar of coconut blossoms


-Used to enhance energy levels and strengthen the immune system 

– Known as one of nature’s greatest galactagogues, for hundreds of years, to support milk production 

– Considered a probiotic 

– A rich source of: chromium, protein, selenium, potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium 


– Calming 

– Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties 

– Rich in antioxidants 

– May promote healthy digestion 

– And…. umm… tastes YUM!

You’re not alone if you’re not entirely sure what a lactation hot chocolate is. It is NOT a hot chocolate made from lactating mamas milk. Instead, it’s a hot choc that’s nutrient rich and filled with galactagogues that help support breastfeeding mamas to do what they need to do throughout their day.

Galactagogues have been used for hundreds of years by breastfeeding mamas around the world to help boost and support healthy lactation. There are many different natural ingredients that are commonly considered galactagogues, including such ingredients as brewers yeast, flaxseed, and oats.

  • Milky Me: not just a lactation hot choc- but a energy boosting cacao blend, designed to give you the support you need throughout the day.
  • Oh, and we’re also the only ORGANIC lactation hot chocolate on the market (unlike other brands that only have 1 or 2 organic ingredients in them).

  • Our unique cacao blend only contains raw cacao unlike others that use heat treated and processed cocoa, so our cacao retains all of the beneficial nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals that are lost in standard cocoa manufacturing.

Cacao ≠ cocoa! 

Milky Me is 100% natural. No nasties, no fillers, no ingredients you can’t pronounce.

We designed this to help support and nourish mamas who need a little TLC in their lives, through the rich nutrients in each carefully selected ingredient. The feedback we’ve had from mamas who have had Milky Me regularly, report back to us that this is one of the benefits they’ve found. As everybody is individual, each mamas results may be different.

We source the most organic ingredients that are possible and available due to seasonality and macroeconomic factors. In the interest of full transparency however, we don’t claim to be “Certified Organic”. As a company we continue to create long term sustainable partnerships with Organic suppliers and producers to ensure the best quality for you.

Because Milky Me is so much more than just a hot chocolate, and because it’s so versatile you can use it in a range of different things! From hot chocolates to ice chocolates, mochas, sprinkled on ice cream (c’mon do it!!!), used in smoothies and smoothie bowls, pancakes or even in baked goods of your choice, so you can get your milk on! The sky’s the limit!

For best results, we recommend having a serve of Milky Me once or twice a day (for an extra boost). You could also pair it up with your favourite lactation cookie, for that extra little treat. The more galactagogue foods in your diet, the better your results may be.

Also, don’t forget to drink lots of water, and make sure you’re eating really well.
Oh and sleep whenever you can get the chance (sleep really is magic)! Milky Me is not meant as a supplement or meal replacement, but to complement a balanced diet.

As with anything in life if you have any concerns about your breastmilk supply, always have a chat with a lactation consultant or health professional to discuss your individual circumstance.

Milky Me can be enjoyed by all the family, as there are no nasties in it. We only use 100% natural ingredients, so you can rest easy and enjoy it with all the family.

Milky Me is manufactured on equipment that is cleaned until there is no allergen residue detectable, using highly sensitive tests.

The ingredients of Milky Me are 100% soy free, dairy free, gluten free, nut free, and has zero products of animal origin in it. Just four perfectly balanced ingredients picked for their amazing taste and superior quality.

As long we we receive your order before 1pm Monday-Friday, your milky goodies will be sent same day! Just keep an eye out on your email, as we’ll send you a confirmation which will contain your tracking number (this means you can start tracking your package the moment AusPost have registered it on their system)!

Still have questions? Get in touch so we can help you!